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Mrs Margaret McArdle

We are deeply saddened by the news that Mrs. McArdle passed away on Saturday 12th August at her home in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Mrs. McArdle was known to and respected by generations of KGV Alumnae as teacher and Head of Girls P.E. Many alumnae continue to speak of her guidance and support towards their becoming successful and fulfilled in sports and other endeavours. Mrs. McArdle promoted fitness and self-discipline long before the advent of the now familiar Sports Sciences. As a graduate of the women's Dunfermline College of Physical Education she brought the highest standards of fair play and team commitment. She was in many respects a fully visible, active role model for her students.

It was in the 1960s that Mrs. McArdle arrived in Hong Kong from Scotland with her husband Jim McArdle, who was taking up a Science teaching post at St. George's School. They both continued to teach in their respective schools until retirement. Throughout most of those years at KGV P.E. was not taught in co-ed classes. And yet, Mrs. McArdle was well known across the school. More than a few alumni remember being taught Scottish country dancing by her - a mixed P.E. class for wet weather days.

Mrs. McArdle remains fondly in the memories of very many KGVers, Alumni and colleagues alike. We will continue to recall her energy, constancy and ready sense of humour.

We send our condolences to Mrs. McArdle's family.

KGV Alumni Committee

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