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KGV continues after Hong Kong

I came across Southern Dim Sum Friends almost a year ago now, a group of ex-KGVers who meet every month for lunch in Southampton.

It has been really great meeting up with everyone, sharing stories of our times in Hong Kong with the added bonus of a great meal as well. I really loved the time I spent in Hong Kong but I haven't had the chance to get back since the late 90’s. It’s such an iconic place to visit, let alone live, and meeting every month rekindles so many memories. As a cartoonist it’s also a fantastic source of inspiration and when Ken Salmon recently returned to Hong Kong for a visit the pictures he posted as he visited friends and family have got my imagination fired up with ideas for cartoons.

The proposed reunion next year could be a great excuse to revisit old haunts, top up the inspiration tank, rekindle old memories and hopefully make a whole load more. I can't wait.

Jason Hall

Class of '83

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