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Take initiative and volunteer!

"My DKMS (USA) swab packet arrived today! I may not be a match to Gavin Shiu but by registering I may hopefully help another in need someday. Online registration took less than 5 minutes." - Tracy Lee

Thank you Tracy for taking the initiative to let us know the process is so simple!

Update for those in Hong Kong - The Bone Marrow Registration Drive held in honour of Gavin by KGVAA on 25 May, 2018 was a success. On behalf Gavin, his family and committee, we sincerely thank you for all those that came on the day, as well as those that registered at another venue and time.

The bone marrow registration involved filling out a health form, then they’ll take a blood sample from you. In the event you are a match to Gavin or any other sufferer in need, then you’ll go through a full physical exam for the protection of donor and patient. There’s different methods of extracting bone marrow or stem cells (what Gavin requires). Conceptually extracting stem cells is filtered from blood. Any further procedures will be fully explained to you. Know you are totally in control throughout the process.

Thank you!

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